Saturday, 24 October 2015

How To Reduce Stress With Knowledge Of Back Pain.

Fear about Health issues can lead to worry, stress and anxiety.

If you feel stressed about your health or any other reason in your life find out all you can about it. 

Don't scare yourself but get used to asking questions of the professionals working with you.
I imagined my back pain was all manner of very serious conditions.
Imagination out of control is WORRY. Worry never gets us anywhere.
Pain can certainly grind you down so you are tired and we may retreat from help. Decide to get support when you need it- friends, family , a good pain discussion forum,whatever helps you to feel empowered. You deserve it!

Many fears are born of fatigue and gentle with yourself. 

Ask For Help. 

If you don't understand their medical terms or they use abbreviations you have never heard of ask them.
Build up your knowledge so that you become a proactive partner in the discussions and decisions about your body rather than a passive patient.

Its YOUR body,make sure you understand what is happening so YOU can be a proactive partner in your care and treatment.
Read good articles. You will feel more in control and more empowered which is good for your emotional and mental health.

Always remember : No one cares about your body like you do.

Get Informed -Reduce Stress - Replace fear, anxiety, stress and worry with questions, action and determination.


Gain control: Ensure you understand the diagnosis and prognosis of back condition and the pros and cons of every treatment option.

ALWAYS keep searching for your solution


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