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Massage And Reiki For Back Pain And Stress Reduction

Massage Therapy And Stress Reduction

If you find a good massage therapist and it is safe for your condition it may well help back pain and stress.


Massage therapy can work on many levels if you have a good therapist. It can be a time for you, a time for pampering and healing.

There are different massages you can have from sports massage for injury to a nice pampering massage just for relaxation. Best to discuss your needs with a qualified, insured massage therapist first. 
If done with oils it can help you on an emotional level as well eg lavender is calming, jasmine can help lift anxiety and depression, neroli is a sedative and anti depressant, helping with anxiety, shock and insomnia. These are simply examples.
Please consult with a qualified aromatherapist if you want to use oils for therapeutic reasons.
It can also help some back pain and sciatica as part of your strategy but you must check the massage therapist is competent and experienced in working with back pain.
Always discuss your symptoms and condition with them first and check that they are confident working with you. Ensure they are qualified and certified.

Even if you don't want to go for a massage a simple hand massage you can do yourself just with a pre blended massage oil for relaxation can be very soothing.
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Reiki :Stress Reduction

Reiki is an ancient healing method which has been known to help many people complimenting more traditional methods.

Reiki(pronounced ray-key)is an ancient healing method, sometimes described as a laying on of hands method. It is to do with the transfer of healing energy through the giver to the receiver.
Reiki can help with physical and emotional wellbeing and should be carried out by a qualified practitioner. Reiki can help to center, calm and relax you, help with pain and improve health.
I have received wonderful relaxing Reiki treatments and went on to study Reiki One and Reiki Two practitioner level. I enjoy giving and receiving Reiki and find it very relaxing.
People receiving treatment usually sit or lie down in a comfortable position and except taking shoes off remain fully clothed. It is better as the receiver of Reiki if you wear relaxed comfortable clothing.
Reiki may also in some cases be given as part of or after a massage.

It can be helpful where massage may be too much or where you cannot bear to be touched much due to pain.  

People with certain conditions should not receive Reiki, please check with any qualified, insured practitioner before you book a session.
In the case of illness, you should always consult your healthcare provider. Reiki may be used as a complimentary or additional form of treatment.

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