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Meditation, Music And Relaxation Reducing Stress Of Back Pain

Relaxation is vital to reduce stress

Sometimes it can just help to get some " me" time and to listen to beautiful music and relax.
Sit or lie down or whatever is comfortable for you, put on sme peaceful music, what ever you like, make sure you are warm enough and just listen and go with the music. If troublesome thoughts come in just let them go, you can deal with them later,(I imagine them passing away on a cloud) just for now you can r-e-l-a-x.
Some people will want to take this further and meditate and this can be very helpful as well in dealing with stress.
Meditation has so many forms and some are linked to religious beliefs , some are not. In brief and a basic interpretation is that meditation is relaxed concentration on an object, sound, thought etc and is a mind/body/spirit experience.

Some meditations demand certain postures and if you follow these you need to be the judge if you can do them with a back condition. Personally I prefer to go with what is comfortable for me.

Meditation, relaxation, breathing, healing music for stress, anxiety and depression

The power of stress relief through music is underrated.
Relaxation can be hard to do with back and sciatic pain
Get some help with relaxing here...its wonderful :)

Regular daily relaxation and /or meditation is the most beneficial. 

How long depends on you and what time you have, I find about half an hour to an hour is wonderful when I have the time or I feel I "need" it. 

Otherwise even just 15 minutes listening and relaxing to music is helpful. There are some wonderful relaxing items on Amazon to choose from. 

Reducing Stress With The Power Of Breathing- Breathing To Relax

Of course we all breathe every second of every day without thinking about it, but controlled breathing helps reduce stress, relax, calm and release muscle tension, which can be helpful if you are in pain.

Deep rhythmic breathing can help to bring down stress levels and relax the body. It can calm and relax you and you may find it can help with pain relief.

Sit or lie quietly for a few minutes and breathe normally. Try to quiet your mind, if thoughts come in just observe them and let them go.

Take a deep breath in through your nose, hold for a few seconds and then let it out through your mouth; when you think it is all out contract your stomach muscles and push it further out. Then repeat. Do this for about 1 minute to start with and very gradually build up the time. 

Always stop if you even start to feel slightly dizzy and just resume normal breathing. As you get used to this deeper breathing, hopefully you will feel less stressed and calmer.

You can build up to deep breathing like this for longer periods of time but start off slow and for very short periods only.

***Important If you have breathing difficulties, heart/lung issues or respiratory problems/asthma or any serious health issues please do not do this deep breathing exercise until you have checked and cleared it with your doctor first.***

Advantages of doing this breathing are that it can be done anywhere any time you are feeling tense, anxious or stressed and doesn't cost you anything.

Can be particularly helpful before and during medical examinations, MRI scans etc if you find them stressful to help calm you down.

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Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness...be gentle with yourself 

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