Friday, 12 June 2015

Love Home Memory Foam 3d Ventilative Mesh Lumbar Support Back Cushion

Love Home Memory Foam 3d Ventilative Mesh Lumbar Support Cushion/ Back Cushion / Support Cushion Helps the Lumbar and Sacral Region of the Spinal Column & Helps Promote Good Posture While Sitting- Excellent for Home, Office, Car and Wheelchairs- Size: 13.4''*12.6''*4'' (Black)

I felt that this back cushion was well worth sharing with you. This lumbar seat cushion is a bestseller at Amazon and with good reason.

Its design reduces stress on your back and thus helps to ease low back pain. It measures 13.4 inches by 12.6 inches by 4 inches. It comes in a black colour or if you prefer a brighter colour it also comes in camel, coffee, grey, rose red(more pink tones) and blue. It is supportive so firm but soft.

 As it has memory foam there may be a slight smell as with most memory foam products at first but this should go off quite quickly. However for me the benefits of memory foam being soft yet supportive and excellent for my back issues, out weight his very slight initial issue.

If you use it vertically as a back support it goes in height from the base of your spine up to the low mid point of the back.

You can also use it to sit on as a base to any seat. This can be very useful to raise the height of a seat such as a car seat or to achieve a better height and posture when sitting at a desk.  

Thus it helps the lower and sacral regions of the back.

It has a 3D mesh cover which helps to keep you cool and has a zipper & elasticized belt to keep secure. It does have a strap extender as well in case you are using a wider chair or in a car seat and need to have it extended.

This comfortable lumbar support has many uses in most chairs, car seats, scooters and wheelchairs to make sitting more comfortable on you and your back. It promotes good posture when sitting as well which is something that many of us lack. You can check out customer reviews if you click through any of the links to amazon here.

So this is a versatile, comfortable and adaptable lumbar seat cushion that can be used in many situations from the office, your home, in a car or using a scooter or wheelchair to make your day a little easier.

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