Tuesday, 17 May 2011

How To Use Back Pain Support Forums Effectively.

Back pain support forums can be very useful to anyone coping with back and sciatic pain. 

However in order to get the best out of them, and contribute the most to them, there are certain points to bear in mind. 

I have visited and taken part in many back and neck pain forums and have learned the lessons and tips that can help you make the most of it for yourself.

In my experience you can learn such a lot from people on a back or neck pain support forum. 

However you do need to tread with some caution. What does, or doesn't suit one person may be completely different for some one else. 

You must also ensure that you never stop any medical treatment based soley on what you read. 

The great thing is though that you may well be introduced to ideas and treatments you had never heard of which you can then discuss further to see if they would suit you.

The most valuable part is simply sharing your experiences and gaining ....and giving support to each other.

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Anonymous said...

Well said, I suffer with back pain and I totally know what you mean.