Monday, 21 February 2011

My Neck Is Killing Me…

It's funny how everything in your body is connected like a single... tightly wrapped piece of rope.

When one area hurts, it reduces the function of another. If one organ isn't functioning properly... you feel it throughout your entire body.

And if the nutrients going in your body aren't reducing inflammation – they're CAUSING inflammation... which as you know is the single worst enemy for your body.

This is something a friend of mine learned the hard way recently...

Her neck had been bothering her for a few days and she couldn't figure out why. She was active and she never injured it – so why would she be having pain?

She asked me for some help, and I gave her 3 very important tips of advice that will be helpful for you if you've ever experienced “mystery neck pain” (or pain anywhere else) like she was...

Tip #1 – You Must EAT Foods That Reduce Inflammation – Leafy vegetables... berries and fruits... omega 3 fatty acids (from nuts, olive oil, fish, etc.)... these are all things you SHOULD be eating as they act as natural anti-inflammatories in your body.

Tip #2 – You Must AVOID Foods That Increase Inflammation – Sugars...pastries... soft drinks... cereals... all of these foods must be avoided at all costs to avoid the inflammation which puts you in pain(and larger sized jeans).

Tip #3 – Correct Your Muscle Imbalances – Very few people are aware that if you experience pain in your joints, ligaments and muscles... it can be directly attributed to muscle imbalances in the surrounding muscles.

When I told my friend this fact, I saw the lightbulb click on in her head. She said she was eating anti-inflammatory foods... and avoiding foods that cause inflammation... so that must be it!

After hearing this, I immediately called up my friend Dr. Brian Paris, who is a renowned Chiropractor. I know him through Steve Hefferon and Jesse Cannone. I have known these guys for years since they helped me get rid of my back pain so I do trust them and anyone who works with them. 

He told me he'd recently put together a comprehensive guide to getting rid of neck pain once and for all without pain pills... surgery... or even having to go to a chiropractor.

(He created it because his techniques became so popular he couldn't fit anymore patients into his schedule)

Anyway... I sent my friend to this letter written by Dr. Paris and Jesse Cannone (an internationally known back and neck pain expert) and she LOVED IT.

Learn More About Lose The Neck Pain Here!

What I think you'll find most interesting is the part about WHY you have neck pain.

Trust me – it's not what you think.

Getting rid of inflammation is just part of the battle. Plus, injuries... herniated/bulging discs and strains aren't the true cause of your pain either it turns out.

The true answer to your pain lies here!

If you've ever suffered from chronic, makes-you-massage-your-own-neck pain like I have... you'll find it interesting as well. It's filled with great content and will make you think twice about ever going to the doctor again – I can tell you that much!

Gentle Hugs
Jasmine ann

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