Thursday, 5 November 2009

Slow steps to recovery...

I have experienced a bit of poor health of late, I seem to be taking a lot longer to get back to full health than i think i should. Its not back pain but something else I wont bore  you with,  and am in thoughtful mode so  excuse this rather more rambly post than usual.  I recently realised I had forgotten about some of the lessons I learnt when I had back and sciatic pain.  I have been feeling that I should get better quickly and had forgotton that the body needs time to heal. Society places a lot of pressure on us to get better quickly and of course we want to get better and out of pain as fast as possible too...but sometimes nature has its own agenda.

A positive attitude is also very important and taking each day at a time. We all get times we are down, even depressed but that does not get us anywhere. Taking positive action and doing and thinking things that are good for us is the way forward to coping with health issues. There are many solutions out there and one of them may be the solution for you -but you wont find it if you are not  out there with a seeking attitude and positive frame. Even sometimes you might have found it and do not do it because you feel too down to take the necessary steps, or it feels too overwhelming maybe.

It is in my experience all natural things we go through if we are in pain. However, try to find something that will trigger you to adopt a positive, seeking attitude and give things a try, seek help and reach out when you need to. There are some wonderful people out there and some solutions to try.

Take small steps and celebrate the small successes. Bad days come and go  but look for the overall trend. Give yourself a pat on the back when things go well and do not beat yourself up about the things that do not go well. You are seeking, you are trying  that is what is vital. The only time  you need to give yourself a kick is if you give up. NEVER give up!!

And at the end of the day there is nothing like a hug from someone you love; even if no-one is physically there  love you - give yourself a hug- for that its where it all starts. Love yourself enough to take excellent care of you.

And for anyone who needs it - Heres a hug from me {{{HUG}}}

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