Wednesday, 25 May 2011

4 Tips To Watering The Garden With Back Pain.

Before back pain issues I used to lug around a heavy watering can to water all my pots and troughs full of plants and also the new starters in the garden. After I got back issues that was not going to be a good thing for me, yet the plants still needed watering in the heat of the summer and it wasn't fair to expect my husband to do it all.

I love gardening and those of you who know me know that I wasn't about to give it up. One Doctor had told me... I would never garden again...

While that comment plunged me into some despair it also made me start thinking about how I CAN DO things and what I CAN DO rather than what I cannot do.

Now its ironic I am writing this as it is pouring down with rain outside!!(LOL!!) However, we have had some very hot spells when especially my young seedlings and pot plants have found it tough going.

So a couple of quick remedies for watering your plants if you have back pain.

1. I use a household watering can, its much smaller and lighter and obviously holds less water. It is sufficient for watering all the young plants and those in pots for the most part. It does mean more trips to the tap but it is better for me to do a bit extra walking than it is to lift heavy things.

2. Another solution if you do not have a hosepipe ban is to use a hosepipe preferably on a spray setting or other gentle setting on your plants. This is very easy and puts no strain on the back at all. Of course if you are on a water meter or water is restricted in your area this will be more difficult for you. We all do need to bear our water consumption in mind as well of course.

3. You may also want to fix a system of self watering or timed watering in your garden which gives a more gentle measured flow. Equipment can be purchased at gardening or DIY stores.

Take care of your plants by all means but take care of YOU first :)

4. I spent almost a year "supervising" my poor husband in the garden when I really struggled to do anything. My mobility was low and pain levels just too high so wonderful man he is, he stepped up to the plate. He did not have the gardening bug though he is very competent now!

What had been pretty much my thing became something we now share and that is also wonderful to me. If you cannot do it yourself then look for a gardening "buddy" who can do some of the heavier work for you.

More on Gardening With Back pain at Garden Back Care

If you have any other hints I would be pleased to hear them.

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