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How To Make The Most Of Back and Neck Pain Support Forums

How To Make The Most Of Back and Neck Pain Support Forums

If you have back, neck or sciatic pain you may want to go onto a back pain support forum for help and advice. There are things you need to bear in mind while using a back pain support forum or a neck pain support forum that can make your time there more useful and more enjoyable.

I have quite a lot of experience on back and neck support forums, having used a lot of them while I was trying to search for my back pain solution. 

They can be one of the best sources of support you can get but you do need to follow a few guidelines to get the most out of them and just as importantly, to give the most to them.

Support , Advice And Friendship On Back Pain Support Forums

Back pain and neck pain support forums can be a wonderful source of support and even friendship with other neck, back and sciatic pain sufferers.

At a time when you may feel that no one understands you know that the people there really do as they are going through it too.

I have met some wonderful, highly informed people on back and neck pain forums who have helped me so very much. Some have become good friends. I have learned about treatments and techniques and advice that I never knew existed.

Going on to a back pain forum for me meant I had a release for all my worries, concerns and feelings about back pain. At that time I did not know anyone else who had severe back and scaitic pain like me. As well as talking with loved ones who may be understanding and empathetic, but may have no experience of backpain; you can release some of that angst, fear and worry you may be experiencing with people who are also living it. I think its healthy and good to talk about it.

“Many fears are born of fatigue and gentle with yourself"

Introduce Yourself On A Back Or Neck Pain Forum. 

If you are seeking advice about your neck or back condition or what you are experiencing, it is helpful to introduce yourself on the forum so people can relate to you.

Give a brief account of your condition and what symptoms and treatments you have had already. It doesnt need to be an essay - in fact its better if it isn't too long - it just helps to give people an idea of what you are going through and what you need.

Do remember that you are writing to fellow back and neck pain sufferers, some of whom may have trouble sitting for long (that was a major issue for me) so keep it clear and not too much block text. Short paragraphs are best for ease of reading.

Focus on what you CAN DO with your back condition. Dont beat yourself up over the rest.

Learning From A Back Or Neck Pain Forum

In my experience you can learn a lot from a back or neck pain support forum. You may well be introduced to ideas and treatments you had never heard of or your doctor was simply too busy to go into detail with you about.

You can ask what its like in others experiences to have an MRI, to have certain procedures or what different treatments there are and what they are like. You can gain a range of perspectives from people who have experienced the things you are interested in learning about.

Back and neck pain support forums can help you to get ideas about the physical treatments available.
If asked people may share with you their own personal experiences of treatments you may yet not have even heard about.

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it." Helen Keller

From my emotional perspective, it did me the world of good to participate in a back pain forum and then to get the kind and empathetic reactions from people and a few who gave me the kick I needed to get searching for my solution!!!

It was great to know that I was not alone in my struggle and that people understood the lack of sleep, the pain, the irritability and the hidden emotions about back pain.

It also felt GREAT that my experiences could help other people! I do believe that giving help and support was a major factor in my recovery . 

I really wanted / needed to give back so I could help others through my experiences.

Do Not Give Out Too Much Personal Information
Just a little word of warning. You may be cautioned on many forums not to give out your email address, tel no and home address, yet I still see people doing this.

Remember when you are talking on the neck and back pain support forums you are talking to a wider audience than just the people you know on that forum. Many are open access and anyone can read those. Its easy to be lulled into a false sense of security when you are typing away on your own computer in your own home.

For the same reasons you may want to use a "handle" not your real name.

Do not go into too much detail about your finances, or home circumstances especially if you live alone and are very vulnerable.

Most people are great-but you just need to be a little careful.

“It is impossible to feel grateful and depressed in the same moment."
Naomi Williams

Be Wise How You Use Forums

Say Thankyou And Try To Help Others On A Back Or Neck Pain Forum

If you get a response to your query for advice on your neck and back pain, do acknowledge it. Even if its not the answer you wanted do remember that the people on these forums are often not experts in back and sciatic pain, they are fellow back pain sufferers and are just trying to help out. Its nice to be thanked for their help.

Monitor your own thread so that you can say thank you and say what you have found useful. You will find people will want to help you more if you show your appreciation :)

Do try to answer a couple of queries yourself, even if you do not know a lot you can express your empathy, ask them how they are now, offer the hand of forum friendship. Be yourself, be warm and friendly and open.

Introduce yourself and tell others about what worked for you and what did not, your successes and your failures, how you feel and how you cope.

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Never Flame Or Harrass Another Back Pain Forum Member

I know you would never do that!

Be Courteous to other posters, everyone is just looking for help and advice and maybe a place to vent frustrations and upsets.

However sometimes tempers can flare on forums, especially when people are in pain and hurting and they can get angry at you even when its not your fault. Best to bow out gracefully, keep away from the thread for a while. Let tempers calm down.

Do not give way to profanity, this may well get you banned. If you feel the need to swear best step away from the computer and cool off for a bit !

If you are being harrassed do report it to the Forum Administrator if the forum is moderated.

Many Forums do not allow any advertising of products or links. If you really want to recommend something do be careful and read the forum rules before you leave any product or commercial links.

Usually leaving helpful information about medications, helpful web-sites, medical & surgical procedures is permitted but do check the forum rules.

“What a man needs in gardening is a cast-iron back, with a hinge in it."Charles Dudley Warner.

Should You Take Advice On A Back Pain Or Neck Pain Forum?

When you are posting questions to a back or neck pain support forum you can be general and get a good range of answers. Specifics can come later in the thread as people ask you more. If you are wanting a range of answers from differnet people try this approach

Has anyone tried this treatment(name of treatment)

Has anyone been for a (name of procedure) what was it like?

You may well receive medical advice if you ask for advice on back forums. People will give advice with the very best of intentions. Some of it will be excellent advice, some of it may not be correct for you.

Do not expect to go on a forum with a question about what you should do with sciatica and get a response that is a diagnosis and treatment plan for you.

 It is always wise to double check any medical advice you receive on forums with a qualified medical practitioner/therapist.

Never rely solely on the information and/or opinions on a back pain support forum.  

What works for one person with one condition may not work for another. Different people can feel or react to the same condition very differently. Your treatment may also depend on any other conditions you have and other personal details.

People on back and neck forums cannot see you, check you body symptoms or do any tests for you. Do get a medical check as well.

“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness."

Do You have Any Thoughts About Participating In Forums? (Here are a  couple of comments from when this was posted on another site )

Forums for back and neck pain are great, because they give you prespective about what others are going through. Thank you for your lens, very informative- Nav at the Neck Pain Support Blog

RaintreeAnnie profile image
@darciefrench lm: Thank you Darcie I appreciate that :)

darciefrench lm profile image
Well rounded presentation of 'how to participate in forums' - back pain forums in particular, but really this info can be used in any forums. It's always best to focus on the positive. many thanks- am lensrolling to squidoo forum threads.

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How Would You Want To Be Treated On A Forum?
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If you have any further suggestions how to get the most out of and how to contribute to support forums I would love to hear them.
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