Thursday, 1 October 2015

Ease Back Pain And Reduce Stress With Water Therapy.

Stress Reduction With Water Therapy.








Water therapy can be great to help with back issues and stress.


Regular daily exercises can be a great stress reducer and improve your overall mood. If you are able to exercise without it exacerbating your pain or symptoms or hindering your condition then your mood and emotions will benefit as well.
The problem for many people with back pain and sciatica symptoms is that sometimes the pain is too much to do regular exercise and so the stress builds up.
Before I got back pain I was used to walking miles each day with my dog and also doing a lot of gardening which was both great physical exercise for me and necessary as my job is very sedentary.
However when i was in the worst throes of back pain I couldn't even walk across a room without pain.
However if you first get clearance from a healthcare professional water therapy can be great exercise for back pain sufferers. It is gentle, supportive of your body, no impact and gives you exercise and a "feel good " factor as well, especially if you also can go in the hot tub!
The idea is to just move in the water walking, floating, moving your arms and legs etc. You do not need to swim. Water therapy can, if safe for you benefit both mind and body, relaxing you and helping you feel better emotionally as well as physically.
Both my neurosurgeon and Steve Hefferon from the Healthy Back Institute recommended that I do water exercise two to three times a week.
Do check with your doctor/healthcare provider  though as not everyone with back pain will be suited to water therapy.


Reduce Stress and Sciatica With Water Therapy


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