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Signs Of Stress With Back Pain

Stress Symptoms, Signs Of Stress when in pain

We are all different and equally valid in the ways we react emotionally to debilitating pain.
People I know who are under stress have described it as an emotional roller coaster, a see saw experience, frustrating, depressing, challenging,debilitating,frightening, isolating, stressful and confusing.

Also people have said who are coping with the demands of back pain and realising they are learning to cope and using their emotional strength to get through and do each day, was a profound experience changing the way they behaved towards life. 

Appreciating what they can do, physically more dependent, mentally more independent, being more kind, amazed at the community of support among back pain sufferers, found something within themselves an emotional and mental strength they didn't know was there...
So we all react in different ways, at different times...equally true, equally valid.
I certainly recognize myself in some of these statements. The ways I felt and feel about what I went through...
Be gentle on yourself and be loving to yourself at all times.
You should never feel embarrassed, guilty, ashamed or less than you were if you are experiencing back or any other pain. You are you a person dealing with stress and with back pain not the back pain only in itself. You are coping with a lot and doing the best that you can.
Try to get to a stage where you are in control and a proactive partner in your care and treatment.
You are unique and special and have every right to be happy.

Signs Of Stress

The link between stress, tension and pain.

If you have health issues like back or sciatic pain or any other condition and you are feeling stressed you may find as I do that the pain increases. I always wondered why this was until I started learning more about it.

 My understanding from what I have read is that stress causes muscles to tighten and tense and that increases pain and then pain increases the tension and stress you are feeling as you hold your body against the pain and so on.
In addition if you have an injury or a condition where there is nerve compression and nerves are already constricted it may not take too much more muscle tension or constriction to cause or increase the pain.
So if your pain is aggravated by tense muscles caused by stress it is important if you can to interrupt this vicious cycle.
Even now that I feel I have my back condition under control I know if I am experiencing too much stress I get a familiar sciatic pain, only slight but I know it is there and it is time to take action. 

When I had constant severe sciatica I found when I used the physical solution for me in Lose The Back Pain System  along with some of the relaxation techniques here I made faster progress.
I also sometimes just take off to the park and feed the ducks and the fish and relaxation finds me...

If you have been coping with pain, stress, depression and emotional issues sometimes you need someone to listen

If you ever feel worried, anxious, suicidal or depressed or just plain fed up with coping with it all do not sit there feeling you have to go through it alone.
There are help lines to listen and advise you. I cannot include the ones for every area so please check the ones for your country.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression Support lines - For when you need support dealing with stress,anxiety or depression.

  • UK Supportline
    SupportLine provides a confidential telephone helpline offering emotional support to any individual on any issue. The Helpline is primarily a preventative service and aims to support people before they reach the point of crisis. 
  • The Stress Confidential Helpline
    The Stress Confidential Helpline Home Page states; "The Stress, Anxiety, Depression Confidential Helpline site is dedicated to the 340 million brave men, women and children in homes throughout the globe who courageously struggle each day with depression.
  • The Samaritans UK
    Information taken from the Samaritans website. Samaritans provides confidential emotional support, 24 hours a day for people who are experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which may lead to suicide. 

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