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Reducing Stress, Developing A Can Do Attitude.

Quite often we think of back pain as a physical problem,and it is,  but there are also many emotional and mental effects of being in pain and having your body hurting. 

It is incredibly difficult to take action when in the throes of feeling down so small steps and be kind to yourself. 

I have looked into how to reduce stress through stress relief music and cds, complementary therapies, and other techniques to help. Some will work for you, some wont, we are all different in our responses and what we need.  We have a focus on stress and back pain but these techniques may be helpful to you if you are under any kind of stress.

Being stressed and feeling down can take its toll on so many areas of your life. I know it, I have been there and its awful. I hope that you find some thing in this series helpful to you.

Gentle hugs :)

Develop A "Can Do" Attitude To Life

When you are dealing with back pain or any pain, it is stressful and debilitating physically and emotionally so it is important to focus on what you Can Do.

Of course you may be told about and thinking about all the things you cannot do. You may even be told there are some things you will never do again. I was and it upset me greatly, and turned out not to be entirely the case, so one day at a time. The point is you never know how things may turn out and many tasks can be adapted. 

There will be many things you Can Do and its great to focus on those things, do them, and don't beat yourself up about the rest

I suggest as a good friend told me recently, that you are kind to yourself. 

Sometimes, especially if you are dealing with health issues like back pain, which can cause stress and you live in a family, it helps to re evaluate the tasks in the family. Duties may be reassigned depending on what people are good at and what they can do.

As part of a couple, when I had severe back pain and bi lateral sciatica I often felt guilty that my hubby was doing far too much and so we eventually found it useful to make a list of all the jobs that needed doing. Then I could pick the things I felt I could do and the rest to be done by him and anyone else who could help or we could ask. Some tasks just did not get done or at least not on schedule and we learned to live with that.  

If you live alone see if any one you know can help you with any of the tasks you find difficult. I know this is not always easy to do and people may not always be willing to come forward without being asked, but others may surprise you as well. You are likely doing so much more already than you realise you are. If you need help ask for it.  

Do a Success List

If you are feeling like you can't do anything and feel a downward spiral starting this can be a useful technique. Make yourself a list every day of all the things you are going to do. Make everything on the list achievable. 

It can include things like washing your face, holding a toothbrush, getting out of bed, talking, listening to someone, kissing your spouse, pruning flowers, raising awareness of an issue you are passionate about, taking part in a birdwatching survey, drawing up plans for the garden/kitchen etc, making something beautiful with a craft like crochet, doing the accounts, writing an article, helping someone else on a forum, washing the pots, reading your kids a bedtime story....whatever you know you will achieve.

Then at the end of that day tick off all you have done.

Why is this good to do?

It convinces your mind YOU are Successful! Many people with pain that limits them suffer low self esteem. I know through the two major illnesses I have had my self esteem and confidence suffered. We can feel we are not good enough. It is vital to reverse that trend and know that you are valuable, resourceful and contribute a lot more than you might think. Small steps leading to bigger ones. 

These small techniques will not of course take away what you are dealing with physically but may help somewhat with your emotional well being. 

Never give up looking for your solution. 

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