Monday, 7 May 2007

Considering Back Surgery? Questions to ask...

Well i have had my minor surgery and while it wasn't as straightforward as we hoped, it is over with now and i am having a few weeks to recover. It did get me to thinking though that you really need to know what you are going into with any type of surgery. 

 This recent surgery i had was not for my back (it was for something else entirely non related) but I am glad i did my research and was prepared before i went in.

 I think it is important to know what you might expect during the operation and in recovery. Here I have tried to list questions you might want to ask if you are considering back surgery...

To undergo back surgery is a serious decision and not to be undertaken lightly. You need to be certain it is the correct and necessary choice for you. For some people it will be necessary and beneficial and their circumstances will dictate that they require it. 

However, unless there are circumstances which make back surgery urgent and essential it is always worthwhile talking through the pros and cons of having it with your health care providers and surgeon and if possible considering trying less invasive alternatives first like lose the back pain system excellent back pain relief system.

These are some questions i asked when i was referred to a neurosurgeon to consider having back surgery. There may well be many more you can think of but just a starting point.

I don't know about you but my mind goes blank when i am in a surgeons office so i found it best to write down all my questions first then i can just read them. 

My neurosurgeon said he liked it when people came in prepared as he then knew that concerns were addressed.


What is the exact diagnosis?

What assessments will you do and what will the assessments tell you about my condition?

Is it essential/urgent I have back surgery now? If yes why?

If it is not urgent/essential I have surgery now can I try other treatments first then come back?

What is the specific surgery you are proposing? How will this help me?

What is the prognosis if i do not have surgery?

Do I need any other tests? If so which ones? What will they tell you?

Is there a waiting list for surgery? If so how long?

What happens if the surgery doesn't work?

Could I be worse off/more pain after the surgery?

What are the risks?

Do these risks carry short term or long term consequences?

How long will I be in recovery after the back surgery?

Will I need to do any maintenance? If so what?

How many appointments will I need? How frequently?

What exactly will this treatment do for me?

What would you consider a successful outcome from this surgery for me?

Will it cost me anything?

How often do you /this hospital perform this back surgery?

The bottom line is to be as informed as possible before you make a decision.

Discuss any considerations for Back Surgery carefully with your healthcare provider and surgeon.

If at all possible consider alternative treatments first. Click here to check out the lose the back pain system which was the main thing to help me
To your healthy back :)
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