Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Heat Wraps for Back Pain Relief.

I just thought it might be useful to you for me to highlight a few things which helped me along the road of recovering from back pain and sciatica. 

These products helped me to get some relief while i was working on my issues and made the days more bearable... 

Heat Wraps are Fantastic, portable and discreet. 

I used these air activated wraps frequently at work to ease back pain and give muscle relaxation. They give a gentle radiating heat which i found very soothing and did help to alleviate the pain. 

 I do not think i would have got through sitting in the meetings i had to if i had not had these. I also use when gardening or especially sitting for long periods and i always take these with me when travelling in case my back decides it doesnt like the stress i am putting on it. 

So while they wont cure the sort of back pain i had they did help me a lot and even today i find it reassuring that if i put too much stress on my back they help to warm the muscles and give me quick relief.

Allow about 30 mins to warm up, then they deliver up to 8 hours of consistent therapeutic warming heat.

You need to check details for sizing

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Lose The Back Pain System
Lose the Back Pain, is a system of self assessments to determine what physical imbalances you may have that may be causing your pain, then specific and targeted exercises to follow to address the imbalances, along with pain reduction strategies. 

For useful information and suggestions there is a Free Back Pain Book Written by the Healthy back Institute-

7 Day Back Pain Cure
This free book (there is a small shipping/handling fee for physical book) will give you a good starting point for taking back control of your back pain covering reasons for pain, pain relief, possible treatments, action plans and many other things you will find useful.
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