Tuesday, 1 May 2007

When Life Gives You Lemons...


I was talking with a very good friend of mine the other day and essentially moaning a little bit about a few things when she said that to me.

It got me to thinking that whatever is going on in life there are usually some things to be happy about or to be grateful for.

I know when i had severe back pain and sciatica it was sometimes very difficult to keep positive and smiling and i certainly did not always acheive that, but i could usually think of something to be grateful for. So i started to think what i was grateful for about this situation -which is that i have to go for a little operation .( no its not related to back pain, something else entirely)

So here are 5 things on my list. I have only included 5 because when i got going i had several sheets of A4 paper and i really dont want to bore you too much :}

1. I have a very skilled surgeon and when it is over i have my wonderful husband who will be with me at home to take care of me.
2. I have a lovely home to recuperate in.
3. I have a truly wonderful friend ( in the woman i mentioned above)who is very supportive and makes a lot of sense to me.
4. I have a lovely garden which the birds love to visit all the time and i will get to enjoy their singing all this week once i get home.
5. I love that it is Springtime and all the blossoms are out and it is warm and sunny.

oh and i love blogging! Yeah i know thats 6 but indulge me...

Well i also found that the more i thought about what i was grateful about the less worried i was about was what going to happen.

So i just wanted to tell you that i will not be blogging for just a few days while i have and get over the inital recovery from the op But as the guy said "I'll Be Back!"

OK so see you soon and wishing you a great week ahead :}

And if you would like to share anything you are grateful for or happy about even though you are experiencing back pain and/or sciatica it would be great to hear :}

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