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Interesting Stress Reduction Methods

Stress reduction....Here are some interesting and perhaps novel methods of reducing or managing stress in our lives. Writing, laughing, crying and hypnosis.

If you are dealing with pain on a regular or even constant basis you may find yourself becoming stressed. Stress reduction methods are worth looking into to see what might help you.

We are all individual and what helps one person may not help another. You may think some of these ideas are a little crazy, but if they help us to reduce anxiety and stress-well, I'm prepared to give it a go!! :)  

How To Reduce Stress Through Cathartic Writing

It can be cathartic to write down all your thoughts and feelings.

Sometimes and for some people it may help to just write down all your concerns, worries, stresses and anxiety.
Sometimes when it is down there it is a cathartic process of letting it all out.
It may also seem a little easier to handle if it is written down rather than swirling around in your head. All you need is a notebook and a pen and just write.Its not for anyone else , just for you so just let your thoughts and feelings flow. 

"The mark of a successful man is one that has spent an entire day on the bank of a river without feeling guilty about it."
Author Unknown

Yoga Laughter- Is It Good For Stress Relief And Depression? - See what this video on laughter has to say....

Laughter And Stress Reduction, Its all about lifting your mood
Is Laughter the best medicine?All too often we are expected to be serious and keep a "grown up" perspective rather than seeing the fun side of life.

 It is a novel and very interesting idea. I am not sure i totally have my head around it , but maybe it wouldn't hurt to let go now and again into laughter, even if we do not feel like laughing at all. 
Well as long as it doesn't hurt you physically to laugh it can be fantastic for your emotional health.

Take a look at this video for 100 laughter exercises! You may need to be careful with some of the more physical ones or if you have very high blood pressure or cardio issues. You know your own body or do check with your healthcare provider before trying.

Go gently at first or skip the exercises that you feel are not for you.  I wouldn't try all of them at once. You may feel rather silly but isn't that part of it? 

If this is a step too far for you laugh at a good comedy film, some antic one of your pets is up to, share a joke with your child, or if you can, just laugh for no good reason!

If laughter is not for you just try a great big smile every day, its free and worth giving a go :) 

It is hard if you don't feel like smiling but maybe its worth a try ? 

Crying- Can It Help To Reduce Stress?

If you need to cry then have a good cry, recoup and go forward. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to have a good cry.

We often bottle up our emotions so much it can be like a pressure cooker.
Many of us will have been brought up to hide our feelings and to be "brave", "be strong",  and keep a "stiff upper lip" etc. This is not always healthy. No one wants to feel like they are wingeing but bottling up your emotions all the time is not good for you either. 
If you have pain you are going through and coping with a lot. Sometimes you feel like crying and you should...without feeling guilty.

De Stress Yourself Dick Sutphen and stress relief.

Dick Sutphen is a best selling author of New Age books. He offers hundreds of mind-programming CDs and books to improve your life.

He is a professional hypnotist who instructs medical professionals in how to use his life-changing techniques.

Banish Stress by Dick Sutphen is available for anyone to try to help reduce anxiety and stress. 

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