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How To Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Pregnancy And Back Pain- Trying To Sleep?

Pregnancy is a special time for you to take care of your body and your baby. Sleep, relaxation and excellent support is very important at this time as your body goes through many changes.

It is vital that you and your baby bump are well supported in order for you to get a good nights sleep. However many women get back pain or sciatica during pregnancy which makes sleeping much more difficult.

You need to have enough support and comfort to give you the best chance of a good nights sleep.

**Always check with a qualified medical practitioner if you are experiencing back or sciatic pain.**

Some women try to manage with a range of pillows to support their head, neck, hips, and back during pregnancy. (You will see examples in a video below).Some people are OK with this approach but others are not.

I know having tried pillows that they are not always the right density or give enough support or maybe too bulky or too thin. They can and do slip and become uncomfortable. You may end up repacking them through the night, which can be disruptive to you and your partner. If you only require one pillow its not too bad, but when you need more support it gets more difficult.  

A full body support pillow can be a good choice to help you get physically more comfortable. There are a wide range available and essentially they take the place of using multiple pillows to support your back, hips, neck and bump. Yes they do take up room in the bed, but far less than a whole array of pillows. 

Leacho Snoogle Total Body Pillow is mentioned as being the best selling body pillow on Amazon currently. Its patented design was developed by a mum and a nurse to give support and comfort. This also has a removable cover for ease of washing. For more details please follow the link Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, White 

Here is a video about sleeping during pregnancy. A full body support pillow will make all those pillows redundant though and is a lot easier! 

How to choose a Body Pillow.

The following video concentrates on the brand Comfort U Body Pillow. I thought it was interesting as it shows you the different ways you can make use of a body pillow.It does not have to be used just for sleeping. So some of the pillows can be used for a longer term functions.  

The Comfort U Maternity Full Body Pillow

Designed by a Registered Nurse who suffers with fibromyalgia,this is a generous oversized pillow in a "U" shape which enables support for both sides of the body, surrounding you in comfort in almost any position. As it cradles and supports the body it helps to ease tossing and turning. It keeps good alignment of your body without you having to think about it. Your neck, shoulders, back and hips are kept in much better alignment all night. 

It can also be used as wonderful comfortable support for reading, watching TV, nursing etc. For more details please follow the link Comfort U MATERNITY Full Body Pillow - 3 piece

Comfort U MATERNITY Full Body Pillow - 3 piece

Pregnancy And Back Pain -How To Sleep

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  Here are some more great full body pillows for you to consider

For more choices please search below. 

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