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How To Sleep Better With Back or Neck Pain

Back And Neck Pain? Gain Better Sleep With A Body Support Pillow

Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow (Full Size)

Back pain can be a leading cause of sleep discomfort.  Maybe you are coping with sciatica, back pain, head or neck pain. This post is about sleeping with these types of issues more comfortably and the full body support pillows that can help you get more comfortable. These are lovely to give support or sink into for sleep comfort. 

For many people sleeping comfortably with a bad back or sciatic pain is a nightmare.

People have problems sleeping for many reasons including head and neck pain and a bad back. Sometimes it is muscular in the back muscles, sometimes spinal issues structurally or sciatic nerve issues. 

It is also vital that your head and neck is properly supported while sleeping as well as your back and hips. This is to ensure that your spine is in full and proper alignment all the way from your neck to your hips. The full body sleep pillows do this for you without you having to think about it. 

Always check with a qualified medical practitioner if you are experiencing head, neck, back or sciatic pain.

Comfort U Total Support Body Pillow

How To Sleep Better With Comfort-U Total Body Pillow - Full Support Pillow To Help Your Back, Head And Neck Pain.

Full Sized Body Pillow

Full body support to cradle you during sleep for a restful night. Very good for people with back or sciatic pain.

There is a full sized version and is very lovely and supportive. It does take up room in the bed but is so worth it if you get a good nights sleep with your back properly supported.
There is also a petite version if you think you may prefer that one.

How Do You Sleep? My experience with how to sleep with sciatic and back pain and full body pillows

When I had severe back and sciatic pain I struggled with how to sleep. I have coped with back and sciatic pain and know first hand how useful these sleeping pillows and full body pillows can be.

I used to use pillow supports either between the knees or under my lower back and I have to say pillows do a good job to an extent or for an occasional remedy, but not in my experience longer term.

However having used both normal pillows and a body pillow I find body pillows are much better than messing around with normal pillows which seem to fall out of the bed and just not give the total support you need.

Clearly I have not used every product listed here but I have found body pillows excellent for me.

How To Sleep Better With Full Body Pillows

Leacho Body Pillow

Better Sleep With Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow - Firm support cosy pillow

 These body pillows are good for pregnancy but not only for that, they are excellent for all of us who have back and sciatic pain. 

You can sleep with this body pillow tucked in between your legs which I find a good position to support my spine.

Trying to do the same with pillows never quite worked for me as I am a bit restless sleeper and pillows kept slipping and then of course I woke up !

With a body pillow like this there is much less risk of slippage. It does take a little time to get used to but is well worth trying.

Back Pain And Sciatica Sleeping Positions-Video

Demonstrates ways to sleep and ways not to sleep. In brief the best sleeping positions are on our side or on our back. The worst sleeping position is on your stomach. 

How To Sleep Better With Comfort U Ergonomic Body Bed Pillow.

No struggling with pillows any more or trying to get in the correct sleep position, This provides lovely supportive comfort.  

This body pillow gives a very supportive sciatica and back pain sleeping position.It can be used in multiple sleep positions so you can get a comfortable nights sleep no matter what type of position you like or have to sleep in.Great for anyone with back issues and for pregnancy

You can also read more reviews at Amazon from people who have used these back pain pillow supports too. I hope this helps you on your way to sleeping better with back pain and sciatica. That way you will not be straining your neck or back while trying to sleep.

Getting Out Of Bed. 

It is also important to know how to get out of bed safely and minimise pain if you have back and sciatic pain. The following video shows you how. 

Here are some more choices of full body support pillows for you to select from. 

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Susan Deppner said...

I have back issues. Bet a full body pillow would really help, too. Great advice here. Thanks!

Jasmine Ann Marie said...

Thank you Susan for your visit and kind comment. I am so glad you found the post useful. Yes a full body pillow may really help you if you have back issues. Thank You :)