Thursday, 3 October 2013

Should You Stay In Bed If You Have Back Pain ?

When you have back pain its pretty tempting to stay in bed. However unless you have been medically advised to stay in bed it is not generally the best thing to do !

When we remain still and stay in bed for a long time our muscles become weak and atrophy and get stiff. This in itself can cause or lead to further pain. 

Bed rest used to be advised for back pain but not so much now. My physio and neurosurgeon and massage therapist all advised me to move gently. By all means if you are in a lot of pain it may be helpful to stay in bed for a day, maybe two but any longer and you could be on your way to lengthening your recovery time.

If you really feel you cannot get out of bed or it is agony to move at all then you need to seek medical help. 

Otherwise some gentle movement taking it easy but keeping the muscles moving and warm can be better.  

Clearly always take medical advice for your specific condition and circumstances. 

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