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Back Pain Treatments-Opinion Or Experience?

You know often when you are looking around for something its interesting to ask others views and experiences.

I asked two people recently about the same city I am intending to visit-one loved it and one hated it. I tried to look at those people and see how close they were to me in what they liked to do and what I like to do and came to the conclusion we are all different.

 Guess I'll have to make my own mind up after I experience it...and in my opinion that goes for back pain solutions too.

You need to ask questions, get views from others who have tried back pain treatments, medical opinions and expertise, read all you can, look at testimonials and then and this is important - make your own judgement based on your knowledge of YOU, your back pain and your experiences. If you don't do that you may miss your solution.

If I had listened to everyone I would never have found my back pain solution. Most of my family except my husband thought I should go for back surgery. I did not want back surgery. I thought there must be another way for me.

The doctor said it wasn't urgent I had surgery (I didn't have any of the "Red Flags") However, if I didn't have surgery I would have to just live with pain. I admit I was terrified of back surgery but I also knew I was not getting any better with all the things I had tried-physio/osteo/acupuncture on and on the list goes....Anyway I gave myself 3 months while I was waiting for my appointment with the neurosurgeon to see if I could find another way.

Once I had started the lose the back pain exercise system and people saw me making progress people then said I did the right thing. I discussed the exercises with my neurosurgeon and he said that they made sense for me, were doing me good and I should keep going with them and do water therapy to compliment and that he saw no need for surgery at this time. He said if the pain recurred or I started getting worse again we could review it. Happy to say so far that has not been necessary.

Conversely a friend of mine had to have urgent surgery as she was having a "red flag" of bladder issues with her back pain and she was glad she had the surgery. Her surgery was successful. She does water therapy and exercises as her post surgery rehab and a year on is doing really well with no pain.

My uncle had back surgery and it did not work well. Still in pain, still not living his life. Needing more surgery...

Someone else I know has physiotherapy and acupuncture and is doing well with those. They did not work for me at all, in fact some of the exercises I was given by the physio made me much worse, the acupuncture helped with pain but only short term- but for her they are working.

Different issues different needs. Its complicated and its individual. I have also read that there is often an emotional or psychological backdrop to back pain which needs to be taken into account as well. More on that later....

So it is so important you do try different methods and you do record how they affect you and then you will see what is right for you . By all means listen to what others have to say but think and experience things for yourself.

I think most back pain forums are wonderful supportive and useful places and if you have back pain or sciatica they can be a great source of information and support and relieve the isolation. However, from my experience they do come with a cautionary note. Often you will find one person will say something did not work for them, another says it works then sometimes an argument ensues. 

The thing is both are correct in their experiences.

The only thing I would say is try to ensure if they followed the therapy/exercises/product advice properly, asked for support if they didn't understand anything., actually did the therapy/exercises/product and gave it at least a month or so to work.

These quotes say it better than I can

"A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows public opinion."

"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth"

"We hardly find any persons of good sense save those who agree with us."

We do know that not every back pain solution is right for every person/condition. I had many treatments which did not work for me.

Does that mean they will not work for anyone...of course not.

What worked for me was "Lose the back Pain" plus water therapy and heat. I have no way of knowing if that will work for you, I can only tell you my experiences and the facts as I know them as with other things I mention here. You can click here to find out more about the Lose The Back Pain System. 

However what every successful treatment should address is the symptoms and the root cause of the pain. Do one or the other and the results may not be long lasting. If you only mask the pain and you will not get to the root cause. It may well take a combination of things to work for you.

Try what feels right to you, give it a fair trial( a minimum of a month or better 2 months for herbal or vitamin based treatments or an exercise based program- I only started getting results after 3 weeks so I would have missed out if I had sent it back after a week or two). Strengthening exercises generally take around 3 weeks to kick in so you need to give it time.

If it is possible to get it on a money back guarantee all the better-unfortunately most treatments I had didn't do this except lose the back pain.

Keep a record of how the treatment /medication/surgery / whatever ,affects you and stay in control.

Of course that's only My opinion :} You will need to have your own experiences of whatever you try.

A good free book you can get which talks about a lot of different treatments- some you may not have heard of or been discussed with you is "7 Day Back Pain Cure" its free (small s/h charge) so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

My advice is get as educated as you can about your body and your back then you are in a much better position to judge for yourself what is right for you.   

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