Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Vacations With Sciatica -important packing

Going on holiday with sciatica or back pain can take a little thought and planning. This post is about important things to remember to take and pack on holiday with you if you have back or sciatic pain.

1. If you take any sort of pain relief take it with you and ideally carry it in hand luggage. If it is a prescription then take the document with you as well. Make sure you order your medication well in advance so you have enough to take with you on holiday. Keep all medications in their original packaging. Take slightly more with you than you need just in case you have any delays getting home. 

2. Either heat pads or ice ointments or Rub On relief cream in case you need topical pain relief.

3. Comfortable shoes or sandals. You need to be sure that you can walk around in your footwear. If you buy new shoes/sandals do try them out before you go and make sure you are secure and comfortable as possible in them. Bear in mind that your destination may have uneven or slippery surfaces to walk on.

4. If you do back pain exercises you will need to keep up with them even on holiday so do take clothes you are able to exercise in.

5. If you will have access to a pool on holiday take your swimming gear and take advantage of the water! As long as you are medically fit to be in the water take time to just splash around, water walk backwards and forwards, float in water letting it take the strain off your back, move around and play! You do not need to swim, in fact you may even be better not swimming if you have pain. 

6. A back support may be beneficial to you on holiday. In restaurants, cafes, bars, buses etc you cannot be sure that the seating will suit your back so just convert any seat into a more supportive and comfortable one with a good quality back support. 

7.An extra small towel can be handy to fold and place under the bottom sheet on the bed to give a little addition support to your hips as you sleep. I find being away from my very comfy bed one of the most difficult things for my back when away, but this can be a huge help. 

Have I forgotten anything you like to take? Let me know !!

Gentle Hugs
Jasmine Ann

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