Saturday, 24 January 2009

Ready For A Laugh To Chase The Blues Away?

Hi all!

Well its late January and not my fave time of year for many reasons. Where I live it is dark early- It is freezing cold just now or raining and I long for the odd sunny day we get. Lately I am yearning for signs of Spring.

Even though I rarely get back or sciatic pain now, my back always gives me a little jip this time of year due to the cold. I tense up my muscles in the cold and that always seems to affect my back. If I use a heat pad I find it helps. I also need to step up my lose the back pain exercises again, they sort me out very quickly but I have really let my back care go over the last few months due to family illness which meant I have been under some stress and had little time lately for looking after me and my back.

Anyway...through my experiences, I do now believe that part of back pain is physical and part of it is mental or emotional and I am sure now that if I get down or sick or stressed that I get some twinges. Time for a bit of cheering up!

Adults laugh a lot less than children and people in pain probably have less to be laughing about than most. Yet smiling and laughing are very good for us emotionally and mentally which helps with physical recovery. If you can have a chuckle at something and even temporarily forget about the pain and stress of back pain it can help such a lot.

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