Saturday, 3 January 2009

Looking After Our Childrens Backs?

Well the kids will be going back to school soon after the holidays and they seem to be needing to carry so much around with them now and doing a lot of sitting at computers and also reading and watching TV if my nieces and nephews are typical. They do physical exercise as well of course but does it really matter about their seated posture?

Is it ever too young to start looking after children's backs?
For those of you who have back and sciatic pain now you would not want your child to go through that. I know I would not. I started with back pain from the age of 18 and for many years largely ignored it. As I got older though it became harder to ignore and then I ended up with major back and sciatic pain & herniated, degenerative discs that was debilitating. Had I known then what I know now I would have tackled it much earlier.
Perhaps now would be a good time to check what your child is spending time sitting on at home and at school. Prevention is far better than cure. Encourage good posture and good habits now and ensure as far as you can that seating is appropriate.

This study is interesting
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