Sunday, 23 March 2008

Goldie and Me...

It is the anniversary of the passing of our gorgeous, big hearted, golden hearted golden retriever boy.

We shared so much in the short ten and a half years we lived our lives with him. I can completely vouch for the saying " Its a Goldens World, we just live in it"

From the second he walked in the door our lives changed...for the better. I was never happier than when we were a little family with our Golden boy. Beautiful walks, silly antics, laughing until our sides ached, never ending hoovering, the love of a wet dog....the gracious paw offered to make it all better when I was feeling sad...

Though we had our fair share of trials during this time, some of them very harsh, he helped us during those times too in ways only he could.

FUN was his word! Well that and FOOD :)

I wrote a memorial tribute to our"little man in a golden suit" if you would like to meet our golden boy. Goldie and Me. Life With A Golden Retriever.

Taking some time out for reflection....

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