Saturday, 29 March 2008

Feel Great!! Make a "Not to do List"

Hi there!

You have to sometimes give yourself permission to r-e-l-a-x.....

Sometimes we all need to take a little "time out". I tend to run around a lot then need some time and space to just "be" and gather myself...then I find I am more productive and effective. I also need to be careful not to get too stressed as that invariably starts that niggle in my back indicating to me that I am overdoing it. My back now seems to be a barometer for me not to overdo it!!

I am also a big one for making lists of things to do and I do that at work and at home. Presently I have huge to do lists for both!!

When I get a bit overwhelmed I find my lists keep me knowing what is needing to be done. However, I think they also put some pressure on as they sit there until ticked off. If you have back and sciatic pain it may well take you longer to achieve the things you need or want to do, simply because you are dealing with pain, tiredness, lack of mobility....etc

Then I came across  an idea about having a "Not to do list". What a fun way of giving yourself permission of not having to do things-ideal for those time out times. Wonderful if you have back and sciatic pain and need a little or a lot of time to relax, rest and recupurate...without the guilt.

Just imagine instead of feeling guilty about all those things on your "to do" list, how wonderful it will be to tick off all those items on the "not to do" list and feel good!!

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