Friday, 28 September 2007

A vacation for me and my back!!

I have been under a lot of stress lately, especially at work and was very much looking forward to my holiday. Due to working very long hours, sitting and driving a lot, doing no exercise at all and being tense-essentially clearly overdoing it- I noticed for the first time in over a year, some back pain and sciatica symptoms creeping up on back was warning me it was working too hard as well and needed some TLC, but I totally ignored it - no excuses, my responsibility.

So while on holiday I decided to get the matter under control and not let it get any worse. The advantage I find of having knowledge of the lose the back pain system is that I can now apply the pain reduction techniques and exercises as soon as I need to. I understand better how my body works and I just did the simple self assessments again and applied what I needed to.

I also spent about an hour or more a day in the pool. For me water therapy was suggested by my neurosurgeon and by Steve Hefferon of the Healthy Back Institute as something I need to do the rest of my life for the health of my back and is very helpful to me.

Most of the time I go to a pool at home about twice a week but I hadn't been doing that lately so I really needed to get in there! For me water therapy is floating, treading water, scissoring my legs, walking in the water etc. Within 2 days of this regime of the lose the back pain exercises and water therapy (if you can call it a regime- it was mostly good fun) I felt better and the nagging pain had gone away...

I know that with my back pain conditions I need to keep up the exercising and caring for my back, if I do that I'm great and can live my life- no magic bullet - but I have found what works for me.

Lessons I learned from this?a) Really Listen to your body. Dont just listen then ignore it.
b)Find the combination of things that work for you. (which I had)
c) ...and do them.(which I hadn't lately)
d)If stress aggravates your pain learn how to get stress under control.
e)Take responsibility; it was no one elses fault that I had neglected my body.
f)No matter how busy, your health is vital so always make time for it. Backs need a break too :)

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