Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Making A Bed With Back Issues

If you have back pain ideally you will have someone else to make your bed for you. However I know that is not always possible or practical for many people. Here are a few tips that may make it just that bit easier for you.

 Do of course check with your doctor if you wonder if you should be doing this at all. 

If you are currently experiencing moderate to severe back or sciatic pain, or have recently had surgery or are advised by your healthcare professional NOT to do this activity then do get someone else to do it for you. Likewise if you have even mild pain and find this aggravates it  get help to make your bed. It is not worth aggravating any pain. 

If someone can only help you once every couple of weeks ask them to put on two bottom sheets. that way after one week you can remove one of the bottom sheets and the one underneath is still clean for you.  Equally they can put a top sheet on for you and a quilt cover then you can just remove the top sheet and be clean and fresh for a further week. 

If you can buy deep pocketed fitted stretchy bottom sheets. These fit over the bed so much easier and reduce the need for pulling or tugging to get sheets to fit. 

Choose lightweight bedding and lightweight duvets. You do not want to be dragging around heavy bedding. You can always add layers of comforters if you need them. 

Unless you have someone to do your ironing choose bedding that does not require ironing. It is one less stress for your back. 

Do not lean over the bed, rather walk around gently adjusting as you go.

Do not go for a complicated bedding arrangement - just a bottom sheet and blanket or duvet cover is fine. Reduces the need for you to be spending time and energy making the bed.

Keep your back straight, bend your knees.

Make the bed in stages, it does not have to be done in one go. Do the bottom sheet then rest or do your stretches then do a bit more and so on. 

If you have back pain exercises always warm up by doing your recommended exercises before you start. 

As always if you have any back concerns do check with your healthcare professional what you should and should not be doing in terms of activities before you do them. 

Let us know any of your tips in the comments. 

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