Friday, 8 August 2008

I Choose Love...

Hi to my friends,

I have a beautiful video for you today that sends a shiver up my spine every time I watch it. All about Love and Compassion in our world. It is covering wider issues but made me thnk about how Love and Compassion affect us when we are coping with back and sciatic pain.

With regard to our own healing, I do believe that Love and Compassion for ourselves is very important. I used to hate and fear my back for the pain it caused me and I was afraid of what was happening to me....I had to learn to love it again to take the necessary steps to care....

Love yourself just as you are then you will be able to help yourself better to heal.

We all know it is also important to love and show compassion to each other especially through difficult times. I know that it was the unfailing love, support and faith in me of my wonderful husband, the caring and support I received from other back pain sufferers and recoverers, one very special friend and Steve Hefferon from Lose the Back pain that helped me to gain the inner strength to be able to rise up again to fight my own pain and condition.

I hope you like it
. I just Love it and wanted to share with you.

I Choose Love


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Cory said...

Jasmine Ann – Great video. Thanks for posting it. What a great reminder to be kind, compassionate, and caring toward yourself. And to choose love for yourself.

In first dealing with illness and pain, it was so overwhelming losing the old me and also feeling angry with my body. Learning to love yourself in spite of pain and illness can help you to heal faster or even just manage each day. It’s a daily choice for me now to be loving toward myself.

Thanks for the great reminder!

May comfort be yours, Cory

jasmine ann said...

Cory thankyou so much for your insightful comments and sharing your personal experience with us.I appreciate it very much.