Sunday, 18 May 2008

Back Pain. All In The Mind?

I have read that back pain can cause depression and stress and depression and stress can cause back pain. I do feel stress has a part to play but how much?

Certainly I wasn't depressed before I got back and sciatic pain but I did feel stressed....

I did get very "down" and felt hopeless when I was in a lot of pain and nothing seemed to be working....

It wasn't until I decided I just could not go on like that in pain , hardly mobile and completely not living life the way I wanted to -I really hit rock bottom. I had thought that "they" would cure me and was disillusioned and felt abandoned when "they " couldn't.

I managed to get positive again and I started researching things for myself instead of relying on others to cure me. I learnt more about my condition. I found the Lose the back pain website and when the Lose The Back Pain system I ordered started to work and I got help support and advice from them and the other people on the site through the back pain forum there I felt better, in less pain and did more to help myself and it was as much a cycle of positivity as it had been a cycle of negativity.

My MRI clearly showed the dessicated degenerative herniated discs, my body was certainly out of balance and I was able to address that through Lose the back pain, but how big a role was my mind playing in all this?

Have you heard of something called TMS or Tension Myositis Syndrome.?Dr Sarno believes that the body is producing pain because it's manifesting unresolved stress. He understands that your mind creates a real physical problem which may result in back pain affecting muscles, nerves etc.

  • Did feeling positive play a part in my recovery?
  • Can being stressed or depressed in of itself cause back pain?
  • How much do our minds play a part in gaining back pain and in recovery from back and sciatic pain?

I do not pretend to have all the answers on this issue and am interested in any thoughts or opinions you have on TMS... If you liked this post do consider joining our Facebook Page Sciatica Solutions.

Lose The Back Pain System
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