Sunday, 6 January 2008

Do You Need Back Surgery?

Discovered this article in Web MD that is a must read especially if you are considering backpain surgery.

Surgery for Back Pain and Sciatica symptoms has come on a long way but it still can be major surgery. My neurosurgeon told me they do less back surgeries now than they used to, preferring people wherever possible to try non invasive or less invasive methods first.

Do discuss all back surgery options carefully with your surgeon and healthcare providers to ensure if it is indeed a good choice for you and your situation.

Be aware of the Red Flags of back pain as well (things you must see a healthcare provider about urgently) so you can discuss any of them with your healthcare provider.

  Click here to read more on that on post "Red Flags and Back Pain.

I have not had back surgery, though I came pretty close. After using "lose the back pain system" I thankfully did not need to persue surgery. Back pain surgery may be an option but not one to rush into without very careful exploration. Ensure you have a clear diagnosis, a very competent surgeon, appropriate technology and a good aftercare program set up.

Neurosurgeon Dr Aaron Filler of the Institute for Nerve Medicine in Santa Monica, California, discusses the issues surrounding back surgeries to alleviate spine and nerve pain in his book you may like to consider;

"Do You Really Need Back Surgery" Click here to read more.

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