Friday, 11 January 2008

Backcare in the garden.

Hi there,

What are you doing this weekend?

Well I'm planning this weekend on tackling our garden. Due to the flooding in the summer there was little chance of getting into the garden and well nature has kinds taken over! So we really need to do some trimming before the spring.

In the Springtime our shrubs and hedges are completely taken over by nesting birds and it is wonderful :) Our garden is filled with the sound of birdsong and the little cheep cheep of the chicks which we is so beautiful.

However it does mean we don't like to touch the shrubbery during that time so as not to disturb them. So its a case of getting out there in the cold this weekend!

Now although I do not get back pain and sciatica anymore like I used to, I know due to my conditions that I still need to be sensible and careful. My job is sedentary so I am not used to hard physical work on a regular basis, so I have a plan that will hopefully keep me pain free for this level of physical activity.

Today I am going swimming and will do the full range of water therapy exercises I learnt. I know from my experience that Water therapy is so good for me and my back.

Tomorrow morning I will get up and warm up then do my Lose the back pain exercises. While working I will do 30 mins then rest and do some stretches in between. I will not overdo it, my back health is more important than getting all the work done. I will also let the guys do the heavier stuff.

I will drink lots of water so as not to get dehydrated.

I will wear a heat pad on my lower back to keep the muscles warm to reduce the risk of pulling or straining anything.

After the work I will have a warm bath and a relaxing massage :)

I am looking forward to being out there in the fresh air and working I just know now that I must take extra care now. For me in my experience if I treat my back well and cater to its needs it will treat me well :)

Whatever you are doing I wish you a good weekend :)

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