Sunday, 5 August 2007

Your back pain "win" list.

Sometimes when you are in the throes of bad back pain and you are feeling its all a struggle it seems like you cant do very much and you feel fed up at the very least... 

Well one thing you could try is to do a "win" list. Each evening before you go to bed make a list of all the things you intend to do the next day. 

Make it very small steps like:

brush teeth
have a bath
collect the post
ring a friend
watch a fav TV programme
read for 30 minutes

Whatever you feel you will do. Keep the tasks really small and things you know you will do.

Then the next day tick them off your list.

Sounds a silly thing to do? Well maybe but your mind will take these as " wins" or positives and will help you to feel better in yourself. 

You can increase the difficulty of things on the list as you like but ALWAYS make sure they are things you know you will achieve... 

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