Friday, 27 July 2007

Water therapy and back pain

If you have back pain and sciatica you may find it helpful to get into the water. You do need to check if this is OK for you to do with your health care provider first. Water therapy can be very beneficial to back pain and sciatic pain sufferers.

Some people will need a proper organised water therapy program; for others you can find benefits from just being in the water. I was recommended to get in the water by my neurosurgeon and Steve Hefferon of the Healthy Back Institute and it did a lot for me with regard to pain relief.

The aim is to just move gently in the water taking the constant pressure off your spine. Personally i find it most helpful to walk in the water, forwards and backwards, also to scissor my legs and tread water. I love just floating in the water as well and also find just hanging over the side for a few moments now and again very helpful. If you have the lose the back pain programme you can do some of your exercises in the water as well. I found them easier in the water when i first started them, although you cannot do them all in the water(lol)
Ideally i aim to go two to three times a week.

I felt very self conscious when i first started doing all these movements in the water but they helped so much i didn't care and now quite often peple ask me what i am doing and they share that they are in the water because they get pain too!

I met a lady in the pool today who said the only time she is without pain is when she is in the water.

I am lucky that i found what worked for me in the lose the back pain system. and i know how to manage my back issues so i don't get back pain really now. However, lately i have been doing a lot of sitting and driving for a long time without breaks which are the two worst things for my condition(and i should know better!).If I'm honest really neglecting my back -which i just cant do and i had noticed feeling achey in my back and down my left leg.

Its all about listening to your body and i know the warning signs so, busy as i am, i took time out to get in the pool and i am resuming my exercises for a while to rectify any imbalances which i no doubt have built up by not looking after myself lately...

So if you are feeling achey or have more serious back issues as long as you check it is OK for you to do so, getting in the pool may be beneficial for you .

You don't need to swim, in fact if you have back conditions probably best not to unless a professional has guided you on that, you just need to walk, move gently, float, just be in the water and see how that works for you. 

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