Friday, 1 June 2007

Taking care of my back while decorating

Hi guys,

Well i have had a busy few days. We decided to decorate the house! Well glossing mainly and although not my favourite thing to do it was good to be getting on with it. Now this is the first time i have done any painting since i was diagnosed with my back issues. My normal style of painting is to get ready then keep going until the job is done. However thats not going to work for me anymore so slight change of plan...

In order not to upset my back i first did my exercises then made sure i did not sit or stand in the same position for too long so i varied the tasks in hand. I did not lift any heavy pots of paint but decanted them in to a tray which was lightweight and easy to carry around. That way i could stand and hold the tray or rest it in a surface while i was working, thus minimising the bending and lifting i needed to do.

I did not do anything that i knew would overstress my back and if it felt tired i rested from that task. My first rule of all is to get used to and tune in to what your back is telling you .

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, my coach Steve Hefferon from The Healthy Back Institute would tell me.

I took a break every 30 mins, this was frustrating but i felt i was better doing this. In the breaks i walked around and stretched a bit and made the tea!!! (my husband just said he made all the tea :}, ah well guess we both did !!). Lots of tea drinking during the painting :}

After we finished i went immediately for a warm bath and had a nice soak for about 20 mins. Then did my Lose The Back Pain stretches again. I was a bit achey generally (clearly i need to get fitter!) but i was fine.

If you had told me when i was in the throes of awful back pain and burning, numbing sciatica down both legs day and night, that i would have been decorating anytime in the future i would have not believed you. Life was pretty grim back then. I dont take anything i can do for granted anymore and even am grateful for the fact i can paint my home!

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