Monday, 19 March 2007

Even with back problems Enjoy your gardening :}

  • What a pain it is when you just want that big pot moving a couple of yards. Do wait until you can get someone else to do it. It is not worth aggravating your recovery from back pain for the sake of a little patience.
  • Let someone know you are in the garden working. If you do overstrain your back you will want the comfort of knowing someone will be checking on you from time to time.
  • Consider some of the many tools you can buy to help you if you have general backache, pinched sciatic nerve symptoms, upper or lower back pain. A small investment in some good quality tools will ease strain on your back and mean you can be independent in your gardening
  • If the physical work is really too much for your back at this stage you can do all the design, planning, ordering and task list. Teach others how to do what you know so they too can grow from the experience and learn to love gardening. Visit gardening forums and pass on your knowledge. For the year I could not do any gardening due to my low back pain and pinched sciatic nerve symptoms I taught my husband, following him round every inch and he went from being not at all interested... to now loving it :} Now I just need to get my garden back...!
  • Always think what you CAN DO not what you can’t do. You may have back pain but you do not need to give up your garden. Work out a way you and your back can enjoy it together…

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