Friday, 9 March 2007

Backache in the garden?

Spring has sprung ! It has where i live anyway. We have all the little spring flowers out and everything has started to grow, buds are everywhere and its a very exciting time of year for me. However where the flowers are growing so are the weeds, and weeds do seem to grow faster for some reason...

So i decided to do my first real foray into the garden since the winter today and i was thinking about how to garden with a back condition... Due to the severity of my condition last year i had to give up gardening for a long time and as i love gardening i have been researching how i could do it without aggravating my back. Here are some things i do which may be useful to you. You should obviously check with your doctor if there is anything you should not be doing.

Warm up first, especially if like me you have not done much gardening over the winter just do a few exercises, take a walk and get your muscles warmed up before you go in the garden. If it helps you try a heat pad on your back while working.

Decide what needs to be done then vary the tasks, keep swapping between them, that way you wont have your back and other muscles in one position all the time. Also do walk around every so often. Take regular breaks and start off with only gardening for a short time.

Listen to your body and if your back starts to protest , give it a break. Also do consider those tools you can get with long handles designed to help people with back pain. They make it a lot easier.
When you have finished gardening do your stretches and take a warm bath or shower.

Happy gardening!

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