Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How To Cure Back Pain, Tips And Resources.

Happy New Year Everyone! I do hope this will be a great year for you  and one where you are able to take control of your health and back pain and work to feel better and ease that pain.

Here are a few back pain resources that aim to help you take those steps forward and get you started.  

My Pet Back Relief

Here we would love to offer you information and possible solutions to your back pain or sciatic pain and honest back care suggestions. 

Sciatica Sleep Solutions

Sleeping with sciatica and back pain can be quite a challenge- I understand...
Days with sciatic and back pain are bad enough and sleeping or rather not sleeping with sciatic pain is worse. Here I will discuss  various sleep solutions, hints and tips, strategies and back pain remedies to help you. Here you will find articles to give you the information to make your own choices to what will support you, sleeping with sciatica, to get a better nights sleep.

Sleep Tips For Sciatic And Back Pain

Tips to help sleeping with back pain and sciatica.  We cover best sleep positions, hints on a good sleep environment, product suggestions and books to help you.

How To Drive With Sciatica

This page covers tips on how to drive with sciatica, car cushions and back supports to help you ease sciatic pain. If you live with Sciatica and back pain, coping with driving your car can be a challenge to say the least. I want to share some hints and tips to help you find relief from sciatica when driving with sciatica or back pain.

This page discusses muscle Imbalance and the role in sciatic and back pain along with muscle balance therapy to balance your body and reduce risk of serious injury. Is it possible that some forms of back pain can be caused or contributed to by other muscles in the body not being in balance? It is very important in assessing back pain that testing and assessment and treatment of muscle imbalances are considered and effective back pain exercises carried out.

Back Pain Quotes for when you need some inspiration and motivation. 

Me And My Back Pain Story! What Happened To Me With Back And Sciatic Pain.

This page is about my personal unique experience with Back and sciatic pain. My back and sciatic pain story if you like...

This page is about your back care in the garden. The aim is to help people who have back and sciatic pain and who want to find a way to continue gardening. Working towards pain free gardening, and solutions to your back and sciatic pain.

Here is a collection of useful pages and articles on back and sciatic pain for your information.If your back is hurting and you need sciatic pain relief this could be a good place to start.

I hope you find some of the pages and sites useful.
Gentle hugs

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