Saturday, 4 May 2013

Which Exercise For Back Pain?

My regime for looking after my back and taking care of it in the long term has been to do my Lose the back pain exercises regularly and to go swimming. My neurosurgeon said years ago that I would need to swim for 2-3 times a week for the res of my life to keep my back healthy. 

Now here is the problem. ... Last year I developed another condition - which I wont go into here - but essentially it means I have to avoid many chemicals and my skin is very sensitive and tender. I loved swimming and just being in the water , floating, doing various exercises it was so good for me and my back. Anyway sadly it won't be an option for a very long time... if ever. So I cant go swimming- haven't been for a nearly a year now.

This has been bothering me as I Need to keep my back as healthy as possible and I am concerned to put it mildly about going back to THAT pain  I had. I am sure if you have back or sciatic pain or have read this blog you will know what THAT pain is!  Anyway eventually I think i have found an option..

Pilates! I have a Pilates Reformer machine and have very gently and gradually been doing some of the exercises. i like it as it does fully support my back while I do the exercises. It was expensive BUT as I am no longer swimming and paying for that I will gradually make up the money. I do not think perhaps that Pilates would have been right for me when I was in severe pain, no I do not think I could have coped with it then, but in the recovery phase it may be proving very useful. 

I still do my Lose The Back Pain exercises - I would never be with out them as a maintenance program now and  they helped me out of pain then.

I am not saying Pilates is for everyone and its always best to check with your doctor ( as I did) or surgeon before trying any new exercise if you have back issues. However, I am glad to have found something else that may help me to keep healthy long term now I can't go swimming.

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Catherine said...

you got to try yoga for chronic back pain. It is really good for it and add a good massage to ease the pain.