Monday, 25 January 2010

The Ark Animal Rescue And Retirement Home

This post is not about back pain yet I hope it is a post to touch your heart, especially if you love animals. A little while ago I visited The Ark in Lincolnshire and found a place full of love and caring seldom found.

The Ark Animal Rescue And Retirement Home

The Ark care for animals, mainly cats and dogs but also small furries like rabbits who have lost their home. Some have been bereaved, some are found abandoned, others are victims of their owners financial difficulties. Some come from loving homes and are parted with, with heavy hearts, others are found wandering lost and lonely.

Some have a short stay at The Ark, and find another loving home to go to. For others it becomes their retirement home as some cannot be rehomed. They never put an animal down unless on veterinary advice.

The Ark was established in 1981, by Mrs Pauline Rice. Over the past 27 years, Pauline, and a dedicated group of helpers, has changed the lives of so many animals for the better.

At The Ark it is clear as soon as you walk around for a while that this is  a safe, protective, caring enviroment for the animals. Even, or rather especially the very old and the sick are loved and cared for.

The Ark is funded by donations and fundraising by a caring team of helpers who do everything they can, The attitude there is that the more money they can raise the more animals they can save, give necessary medical attention to and a better quality of life. Money is spent on food, veterinary care, housing and, when necessary, heating for the old and poorly.

It is the sort of place that stays with you long after your visit. The sort of place that drifts into your heart and that you want to tell people about. It is a place taking heartbreaking situations and turning them into a place of inspiration, love and hope.

Please visit their site and find out more about the work they do and if you are in a position to help, even a little, I know they appreciate it deeply.

Visit The Ark Animal Rescue

Thank you for reading this, it means a lot to me.


Jackie Savi-Cannon said...

Sharing and giving animals a home that either have been dropped off out in the woods and abandoned or abused need a home.

For back pain exercise,yoga, are very helpful.

Heated Pet Beds said...

I also support animal charity in our area, also PAWS and others. Helping animals is the best mission I have in life.