Friday, 19 June 2009

Do Muscle Imbalances Cause Back Pain?

Is it possible that some forms of back pain can be caused or contributed to by other muscles in the body not being in balance?Back and sciatic pain can be a complex condition and the symptoms are many and varied. One possible cause is that the person may have developed muscle imbalances that lead to eventual back or sciatic pain.

In my situation many things were explored to find the cause of my back and sciatic pain and although some of them gave temporary releif none of them actually gave any long term pain free time or changed my body.

It was not until muscle imbalances were highlighted, then addressed, that I got any relief from the back and sciatic pain.

Of course not every back pain condition is caused by muscle imbalances but it may be useful for you to consider it along with the other possible reasons.

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Muscle imbalances and back pain 

Here is a Video Explaining Muscle Imbalances

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Lose the Back Pain, is a system of self assessments to determine what physical muscle imbalances you may have that may be causing your pain, then specific and targeted exercises to follow to address the imbalances, along with pain reduction strategies. 

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