Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Have Bed Will Travel!

Hi there!

Well I have been away on my holidays for a few weeks and I had a wonderful time :)

It was great to see new sights and experience new things and get out of the routine. I also met up with family I haven't seen in quite a while and had a lovely relaxing time and a much needed break.

The only thing that bothered me all the time I was away was the sleeping. The bed was beautiful, clean and fresh and lovely and to most people the bed would have been just fine. I think me and my back are just fussy.

However I have now got soooo used to my memory foam topper that any other bed seems not quite right. I had some problems getting comfy and found that my back muscles actually ached in the mornings which doesn't happen at home.

So I have resolved to try to track down a portable travel memory foam topper that I can use whenever I go away. Keeping my back happy keeps me happy!

When I track it down I will post it here for you as well. If you liked this post do consider joining our Facebook Page Sciatica Solutions.

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Brenda said...

Thanks for this article. I have fibromyalgia; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and some arthritis. Sleeping comfortably I had given up on until last year when we purchased our very own tempur-pedic mattress, the Rhapsody. We purchased the Celebrity pillow top at first but I found I could feel where it ended at so they do let you switch it once and we then chose the Rhapsody. At first the beds are odd to muscles and your muscles do have to learn a different way to relax. But now I dread any other bed. I love my tempur-pedic and will others know it took me about 30 days for my body to adjust to it. It has helped my pain quit a bit. Thanks again for your blog, it's very informative. brenda

jasmine ann said...

HI Brenda,
Thankyou for your interesting comments about your experiences with the mattresses. I appreciate that :)I agree you have to get used to it which can take a little time and your muscles learn to relax into it but like you I wouldn't change it for anything now!

Still looking for a travel version I am happy with. If anyone knows a good one please let me know.