Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Feeling Unsafe Walking On Ice With Back Issues? Try Ice Grippers!

Well it is well and truly winter now. I always find that January is the coldest month here and for sometime in to February. We have for the past couple years been short on snow but we do get our fair share of ice.

 Where I live they do grit the major roads but rarely the side roads or the pathways so if you are walking , you are dealing with ice.

Ice grippers attached to shoes or boots can be an easy and effective solution. 

The photo depicts ICETrekkers Shoe Chains, Medium (Men's 6.5-9/Women's 7.5-10), Black 

Before back issues walking in snow and ice never bothered me that much.  However since I had severe low back pain and bilateral sciatica and I know I have two herniated discs I am much more wary of walking in ice and snow and quite worried about slipping and falling.

Although these days thank goodness I am mostly pain free I do know that if I was to slip, twist and jar my back I am likely to be in a lot of pain again. So I decided that as I do a lot of walking now and I do not want my back to limit my life anymore than it has to and if I want to go out in winter,  I cannot avoid ice, I would find a solution.

These ice grippers have been amazing. I suppose its a bit like putting winter tyres or chains on a car or truck in winter! All you do is slip them over your boots or shoes, which takes a minute or two and off you go! I can now walk happily at whatever pace I like on the ice with no fear of slipping and falling and no problems. Freedom!

I do find you cannot wear many of these styles with higher heels or dress shoes but it is not really an issue as even if I am occasionally wearing these types of shoes to an event and I am walking there, I just carry them and change into them. However mostly if I am walking I have on boots or sturdy shoes anyway.

I do suggest these types of grips to people close to me and thought it was about time I shared my experience of them with you.

If you are concerned about slipping on ice it would be worth trying one of these styles to see what you think. I have listed a small range here to see some variety. There are many styles to suit you and the different weather conditions.  They come in many sizes as well.

Of course do not wear them indoors or on any wood or laminate surfaces as they could damage these surfaces and you may slip.  You do not wear them when driving. They are to be worn only outdoors in icy or snowy conditions. Mine and my husbands have lasted for ages.

Some are very much designed for heavy duty severe snow and ice and may even have spikes, others are for lighter ice coverings with more of a chain design,  so you need to choose the level that suits the weather conditions you live in.  

All you need to be able to do is to slip them on the boot or shoe. They need to be a snug fit.  I do find it easier to do when I already have the boot/shoe on, but that may be different for other people.

Walking in ice and snow, doing outside chores, feeding the birds, taking the bins out, going for walks , everything is now so much easier and safer with these ice grips and I no longer fear falling and hurting my back again.

I do think these could be useful for so many people, those who are active outdoors, who need to be outdoors, who feel unsafe on ice for any reason, perhaps slightly older people or those who find walking more difficult and certainly for anyone with back issues who want to avoid slipping, twisting and jarring the back in icy conditions. 

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Paul Ward said...

I wish I could persuade my mother to wear something like this.

Jasmine Ann Marie said...

I think they are very useful. I put off getting some for a while not realising how much more confident I would feel walking on ice. Important to get a good well made sturdy pair. Good for anyone really but especially great if falling or slipping could mean a potential injury. Thank you for your visit and comment.