Monday, 17 November 2014

Gifts For People With Back Pain

As the Christmas  season approaches and we start to think about gifts for loved ones I was considering what gifts would be useful and thoughtful if we know someone who has backpain or sciatica. 

Often if you are in pain from these conditions you do need or want a few items to help you to be more comfortable, to ease pain , to help you r posture. Yet many people I know do not like to buy themselves items like these seeing them as luxuries, when in fact they would do a lot to help them day to day with back pain.

I know having had back pain and severe sciatic pain that when I received a gift to help me I was very grateful and  really showed the person had thought it out. 

 I still recall being thrilled when my hubby bought me the Contour Freedom Back Massage  -thats the one you can see in the picture. I still use it all the time, when sitting at my desk especially. It is a firm back support and I love its massage function. I do find it very supportive and it stops me form slumping and getting into bad posture habits which i know will cause me to get pain again.

Whether it is a full body sleep pillow to help gain a better nights rest with the spine in proper alignment, a back support cushion to turn uncomfortable chairs into a supportive seat or other supports and helpful items, your gift will be treasured.

So I put together a page of a few ideas that would be a caring and thoughtful gift for someone with backpain or sciatic pain. I hope you find it helpful.   

Gifts for A Person With Back Pain

Before you go there  I chose a few items at Amazon that I really like that you might consider as a gift

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