Thursday, 1 May 2014

Back Pain Dealing With Hanging Out Washing

Hanging out washing is such a simple task to do but if you have back pain and sciatica can suddenly seem more difficult , if not impossible!.

You need to try what works for you but here's how I did it when my back was bad and now I do it as a habit.

 I get the washing out of the machine and put a small amount in the basket, carry that to the line and set it down. Then I squat down to pick up the clothes and hang them one by one.

Also depending on how I feel I often use a stool or bench that is outside to put the basket on and then I don't have to keep squatting down. Depends how i feel.

If that is still too much and you have a dryer machine then it may be easier to just use that. 

However if you do have someone who can help you hang out the washing then by all means ask for help. Sometimes it can be very hard for us to ask for help but be kind to yourself.  

Oh Yeah and always watch out for those naughty Woodpigeons !!

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Gentle hugs

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