Sunday, 5 December 2010

10 Tips For Back Care In The Snow!

To all the people who are experiencing snow and freezing temperatures  right now do be careful of your back!

Snow and Ice can be pretty and can be fun! -but also can be dangerous especially if you already have back issues. 

1. If you need to go out do wear layers, hat and gloves and even a heat pack on your back to keep your muscles as warm as possible.

2. Wear a good solid pair of boots with excellent grips. If they do not have grips purchase a pair of pull on grips to give you extra traction. If you have back issues, It is very important you do not slip or fall  as you could injure yourself badly or at best jar your back increasing your pain.

3. Before you go out warm up in the house. Do some of your back pain exercises, walk around the rooms. Anything to get your blood circulating and your body warmed up a bit before you go out.

4. Shovelling snow- If you have back issues Ideally don't do it! Get a friend or neighbour to help you or leave it. If you are unsure if you can do it or not and particularly if you have had surgery or recent or present pain consult your doctor/physio.
5. If you have to move snow and it is medically Ok for you to do so , then be very careful. Use a good shovel , only carry a small amount on it and hold it close to your body. Walk to where you want to deposit the snow - do not throw it.

6. Use your legs not your back! Lower your legs, bend your knees  and do not bend forward with a load on the shovel. Keep your back straight and supported.Only move what snow you have to.

7. When you get in, take a warm bath or shower to warm yourself up again and ease those back muscles. Chances are you have been stiffening up in the cold and may be experiencing more pain unless you warm up again.

8. Do your back pain exercises after your bath or shower then get into clean dry warm clothes.

9. If you need to exercise but cannot get out or cannot safely walk around in snow and ice walk around the home, and do what exercises you can in your home.

10. Eat a healthy diet and make sure you still drink enough liquids each day.

Keep warm and
Gentle Hugs:)

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