Sunday, 11 May 2008

Can Antidepressants Really Help Back Pain?

I read this article recently about antidepressants and back pain

I am not a huge fan of medication for conditions that may be helped with exercise or more natural methods. However I do keep an open mind.

Essentially this article is saying that antidepressants are not useful for people wth disc or muscular back issues but may be helpful(small to moderate) for people whose back pain occurs as a result of HIV or Shingles by helping to stop the nerves firing off.

However antidepressants also can have many side effects which need to be carefully looked into. Personally I would try other non medication methods first. Clearly always discuss your needs and particular condition(s) thoroughly with your doctor.

Many of us with back issues do get depressed but it is preferable in my humble opinion to get help to tackle the causes of the depression rather than taking meds, although I do appreciate that at times they are helpful and other times necessary.

If you are considering taking antidepressants for depression or to help with back pain do consult carefully about it and do your research. If you liked this post do consider joining our Facebook Page Sciatica Solutions.

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Anonymous said...

Found your comments interesting and have read similar articles. I have an unusual reaction to antidepressants they cause me joint and muscle pain and I have no idea why. My doctors too are at a loss as to why this is. Anyon with any ideas I'd love to hear from them

jasmine ann said...

Hi there,

Thankyou for your message, it is very kind of you. I do not know why antidepressants would have that effect on you but if I find anything I will post it here. If anyone else reading this has similar experiences or has discovered any reasons please feel free to leave your message.

Take good care